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Huawei CFO's arrest was legal, but her detainment wasn’t: Defense Lawyer tells Canada Court

Huawei CFO's arrest was legal, but her detainment wasn’t: DefenseLawyer tells Canada Court
Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested in December 2018 at Vancouver International Airport on a warrant from United States. She was charged of bank fraud for allegedly misleading HSBC about HuaweiTechnologies Co.Ltd.’sbusiness dealings in Iran.

The Canadian Court was told by the defense lawyer that Meng's arrest was valid but her detainment is Illegal. She is under house arrest in Vancouver and she maintains her innocence.

The Canadian government prosecutors contested in court that they had no other option but to arrest Meng under treaty obligations to the United Sates as  there was a warrant for her arrest.

Defense lawyer Gib Van Ert also told that he sees eye to eye and understands that Canada had to arrest Meng but he deviates from their decision of Meng's detainment and continued saying that the detainment was illegal. 

Van Ert also pointed out that the defense allegation that the United States broke international law by requesting her arrest. 

China considers the arrest as an illegal action and later arrested two Canadians charged of espionage, which Canada considers retaliation. 

The case is set for further conclusion in May 2021.


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