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Ex-J&K Bank Chairman Parvez Ahmad Nengroo Denied Bail by Anti-Corruption Court

Ex-J&K Bank Chairman Parvez Ahmad Nengroo Denied Bail by Anti-Corruption Court
On Tuesday(April 20, 2021), Ex-J&K Bank Chairman Parvez Ahmad Nengroo was denied bail by an anti-corruption court with the observation that such a bail will not be taken in “good taste by Society”.

Nengroo was arrested by the Anti-corruption Bureau on 3rd April 2021 in a pan-India tender corruption case. It is alleged that Nengroo tampered with the tendering process to allot housekeeping contracts to Mumbai based company, M/S SILA Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The Anti-corruption Bureau had registered the case against the owners of the private company and officers of the bank back in October 2020. The alleged corruption in the allocation of the housekeeping contract is reported to have caused a loss of Rs. 6.92 Crores to the bank. Along with Nengroo, two directors of the private firm, a former executive president and an assistant vice-president of the bank are named in the case by the Anti-corruption Bureau.

Apart from this corruption case, Nengroo has several other cases registered against him. He is accused in the case of an illegal appointment which is reported to have caused the bank a loss of Rs. 250 Crores on account of salaries paid to such employees. In the case of the illegal appointment, Nengroo is alleged to have appointed his relative at an inflated remuneration package misusing his official capacity.

After hearing the bail application, the Special Anti-Corruption Judge, CL Bavoria observed that:

“In the present case, no special case for bail is made out in pleadings of application”

The court further added that:

“I am of the considerate view that the petitioner has failed to make out a prima facie case to derive concession of bail in his favour at this stage. The bail application as such is rejected.”


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