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Aryan Case Update: Plea filed in Supreme Court Seeking CBI Probe

Aryan Case Update Supreme Court CBI Probe

A Petition has been filed in SC today demanding CBI probe into the cruise ship drug bust case in which  Aryan Khan is an accused.
Plea by Adv ML Sharma also seeks framing of a witness protection scheme twice recommended by Law Commission

'No one can be allowed to interfere in the criminal justice system. State and state minister are duty bound to protect constitution and not to interfere in the investigation and criminal process", said M L Sharma's petition

Witnesses are liable to be protected not to be arrested and tortured to give statements favourable to accused persons but all happened in the Aryan case, plea filed in SC said

"When state involves in destruction of evidence and to break/ hostile witnesses, entire matter is liable to be investigated by the C.B.I. only in the interest of justice and to protect judicial system”, said ML Sharma's petition in SC


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