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Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court orders in-camera proceedings in domestic violence case against singer Honey Singh

Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court orders in-camera proceedings in domestic violence case against singer Honey Singh

On 28-September-2021, Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court ordered in-camera proceedings in a domestic violence case against singer Honey Singh in a case filed by his wife. 

Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh allowed Honey Singh's plea requesting for the same.

The court asked Shalini Talwar, wife of the singer if she consented to in-camera proceedings, to which she agreed. 

On 3-August-2021, a case was filed against Hirdesh Singh popularly known as Honey Singh, the famous bollywood rapper by his wife Shalini Talwar. 

The case was filed under Section-18 of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 against him. 

Talwar stated that, “She was threatened to physically harm, harrasred, tortured by him and other family member at her in-laws house” and that she was treated like a “Farm Animal”.

Shalini Talwar was represented by Advocate Sandeep Kapoor, Karanjawala, Apoorva Pandey, GG Kashyap. On the other hand, Honey Singh was represented by Advocate Rebecca John. Advocate Karan Govel appeared on the behalf of the singer’s parent. 

As part of the proceedings, Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh counselled both the parties for 1.5 hour session in her chamber. During the session, Honey Singh informed the court that Shalini left the house on 16-March-2021 on her own will. 

However Talwar claimed that she was thrown out of his house on 20-March-2021. 

The Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh stated that Shalini will be visiting her in-laws house on Sunday with two lawyers and a protection officer to take her belongings from there. Both parties agreed to this. 

Shalini has previously demanded 20 Crores from Singh and over a lakh per month with a fully furnished house located at Delhi. The Court stated that this will be heard and decided upon in next session on Tuesday i.e. 20-September-2021.

It further added, "If there is even a slight possibility of reconciliation, I do not want to rule it out."

Honey Singh And Shalini Talwar tied the knot on 23-September-2011 and are currently engaged in a legal battle, with proceedings underway in the court.


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