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Punjab-based Advocate issues Legal Notice to actress Kangana Ranaut for Misidentifying Woman as Shaheen Bagh Activist Bilkis Bano

Kangana Ranaut Shaheen Bagh Activist Bilkis Bano
Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, in her tweet, claimed that Bilkis Bano was present at the farmers' protest and was available in Rs 100. In response to the tweet, a Punjab-based Advocate has sent a legal notice to Kangana Ranaut for allegedly misidentifying an old woman at the farmers protest in the national capital as Bilkis Bano, famously known as the ''Shaheen Bagh dadi''.

Advocate Harkam Singh, in the legal notice dated November 30, suggested Ranaut should have authenticated information before posting it on social media and demanded an apology over her tweets, in which she allegedly misidentified the woman. 

The gist of the legal notice sent by Advocate Harkam Singh is as follows: 

  1. Advocate sent a legal notice over a tweet misidentifying Mohinder Kaur as Bilkis Bano with an insinuation that she (Kaur) was available as a hired protestor for Rs 100. 
  2. The notice gives Ranaut seven days to issue an apology failing which a defamation case with an insinuation that she (Kaur) was available as a hired protestor for Rs 100. 
  3. The notice informed Ranaut that the said lady is not a fake lady. Her name is Mahinder Kaur and she belongs to Bathinda. She is the wife of farmer Labh Singh Nambardar. She in her life, has always remained connected with fields and filed work and she is the wife of a farmer," the notice said. 
  4. That by tweeting in such a manner, the same also points out towards the fact that the protest which is being conducted by the farmers, is being conducted by bringing persons on rent. The notice remarked, “Such low thinking from you, who herself is lady and celebrity, is not acceptable.” 
  5. Further, in the notice, it was alleged that alleged she made a mockery of the farmers who, by putting their lives at risk, have been protesting for their rights. It is known to one and all that in the said farmers' protest, a number of farmers have already lost their lives.

The actress deleted her tweet shortly after she was slammed by social media for the same. 


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