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Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Line Sued by Seed Beauty over alleged fear of disclosure of its ‘Trade Secrets’

Kim Kardashian KKW Beauty Seed Beauty
A lawsuit against the American TV star Kim Kardashian West’s makeup brand KKW Beauty has been filed by a brand development company, Seed Beauty alleging the fear of disclosure of its trade secrets. According to its website, Seed Beauty is the “premier destination for acceleration & scaling in the beauty industry"

Reports suggest that the lawsuit comes when Kanye West, Kim’s husband, decided to launch his own skincare and beauty brand. Kanye West has even filed for a “Yeezy” trademark. This brand will provide a broad range of beauty and skincare products including makeup, false eyelashes, nail polish, shaving cream, perfumes, toothpaste, deodorant, and even aromatherapy pillows.

Seed beauty fears if KKW is bought out by another company it might reveal its ‘trade secrets’. The brand development company has been credited for the success of both Kim and Kylie's makeup lines. It has its trade secrets to help in making those brands big in the market. According to TMZ, Seed Beauty stated that it had apprehended a similar fear about Kylie’s cosmetic brand, King Kylie in 2016 which later on was acquired by Coty in 2019. They asked Kylie’s business not to reveal its trade secret to Coty but didn’t get any reassurance. 

Now that Coty seems to be on the verge of acquiring KKW, Seed Beauty has expressed their fear against the Competition for gaining Seed’s exclusive supply secrets.

Seed Beauty has requested the Court for an injunction in order to stop KKW from revealing precious trade secrets to their competitions.




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