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Lawyer Writes to Advocate General of Maharashtra Seeking Consent to Initiate Contempt Proceedings Against Kangana Ranaut

Lawyer Writes to Advocate General of Maharashtra Seeking Consent to Initiate Contempt Proceedings Against KanganaRanaut
A Mumbai-based lawyer Advocate Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh has written a letter to the Advocate General of Maharashtra AA Kumbhkoni seeking his consent to initiate contempt proceedings against actor Kangana Ranaut in Bombay High Court for her tweet allegedly undermining the judiciary. 

According to the Adv. Ali, the tweet made by the actor referring to a Bandra Court ordering registration of FIR against her for offences punishable under Section 153A, 295A, 124Ar/w 34 of IPC, qualifies for contempt under the said act by stating, “Who all are fasting on Navratis? Picture clicked from today’s celebrations as I am also fasting, meanwhile, another FIR filed against me, Pappu Sena in Maharashtra seems to be obsessing over me…”

The complaint has already been filed against the 33-year-old actress by the same advocate before Andheri Magistrate Court for allegedly mocking the judiciary. Advocate seeks to consent to initiate contempt under Section 15 of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, and Section 5C of the Bombay High Court Rules, 1960. 

The Lawyer has put allegations on both Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel, that they are “maliciously spreading enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony in the country by way of mischievously and spitefully posting frivolous, derogatory and defamatory posts with the intent to outrage religious feelings of a class by insulting its religious sentiments more specifically against Islam”. 

The letter also states, “it is pertinent to note that the said malicious tweets have defamed our country, its police, authorized government bodies, executive machinery all being established by the laws in India and have created serious ruckus in the country which has not just hurt my feelings but have also hurt the emotions and feelings of Mumbai Police, its retired officers, Mumbaikars by indirectly or directly terming it as a terrorist hub.”

He stated that “Kangana Ranaut has no respect for law of the land, she has been time and again vehemently with malafide intentions and ulterior motives creating hatred atmosphere in the country amongst Hindus and Muslims, thereby causing a serious threat to the integrity of the country”. 


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