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SC Advocate Files Complaint Against Arundhati Roy For Propagating Anti-NPR Agenda

SC Advocate Files Complaint Against Arundhati Roy For Propagating Anti-NPR Agenda
Supreme Court advocate Rajeev Kumar Ranjan in Delhi has recently filed a complaint against celebrated author and noted activist, Arundhati Roy for urging people to provide incorrect information to government authorities who come to inquire for data for the National Population Register (NPR). The complaint against Roy has been filed in Tilak Marg Police Station in New Delhi under under Sections 295A, 504, 153 and even 120B of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) and the National Security Act, 1980 for offenses such as mischief, breach of peace, intent to cause a riot and criminal conspiracy.

The lawyer was stated saying: “statement is nothing but a deliberate and malicious act intended to outrage religious feelings of Muslims.” This is not the first time that an incident of such nature has taken place. Ranjan wishes for a probe to happen in this matter and an issuance of a punitive measure so that such an episode is circumvented in the future.

Roy, in her oration to the students at Delhi University was asserting that National Population Register would act as a database for NRC or the National Register of Citizens and claimed that it targeted Muslim citizens of the nation. Reportedly, Government authorities have been visiting people’s houses in an attempt to gather personal information like names, addresses and particulars of family background.

The author was bashed from both parties for these statements of hers. “What nonsense is Arundhati Roy speaking! It's one thing to ask people to refuse to participate in the NPR, but to ask them to give out incorrect details is completely wrong. Who does she think she is! We don't need unsolicited advice from someone who insults our Indian Army,” Congress media panelist Shama Mohamed said in a tweet. Current national vice president of the Bhartiya Janata Party, Uma Bharti, tweeted: “I am ashamed to take the name of such a woman who idolizes people like Ranga-Billa. Her views are not only anti-women, anti-humanity, but also shows a very disgusting mentality.”

Author: Smriti Arvind


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