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Lawyer shot dead at district court in Uttar Pradesh Shahjahanpur

Bhupendra Pratap Singh Shahjahanpur district court

A lawyer, Bhupendra Pratap Singh was shot dead inside the Shahjahanpur district court complex in Uttar Pradesh.

Singh was 60 years old and hailed from Jallabad district.

Speaking to Bar & Bench, a local lawyer from Shahjahanpur said: "The incident is horrifying and Singh was shot within the court premises. He was shot 2-3 hours back when he was talking to someone. It was a gun shot."

In 2019, Uttar Pradesh state government counsel, Nutan Yadav was shot dead at her official residence in Etah.

The same year, Darvesh Yadav, the first woman president of the Agra Bar Council, was shot dead inside her chamber in Agra court.

Recently, Rohini district court complex in Delhi witnessed a shootout leading to the death of an accused gangster, Jitender Gogi and his assailants who were shot dead by the security personnel.


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