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Post poll violence: BJP leader and advocate moves Calcutta High Court seeking reinstatement and compensation for the aggrieved

Post poll violence: BJP leader and advocate moves Calcutta High Court seeking reinstatement and compensation for the aggrieved

A Bhartiya Janata party leader along with an advocate Priyanka Tibrewal, who was also a BJP candidate from Entally constituency in the 2021 West Bengal assembly election, moved the Calcutta High Court to seek reinstatement of the aggrieved person and appropriate compensation for people, who were affected by post poll violence in the state of West Bengal.

Allegations in the plea

The petitioner has alleged that she had written letter to police on May,3 2021 and May,4 2021 but despite regular intimation there was no action on the part of police.

Now the petition has been filed in the collective interest of public by the petitioner to ensure that the criminal justice system work in non partisan manner and investigation must be carried justly to bring out the real culprit of cruel acts.

Petitioner further stated the intensity of the riots, there has been rampant vandalism, properties of the aggrieved person have been destroyed in the broad daylight

The plea urges the investigation must be carried out in the most efficient and time bound manner to find out the real culprits, who have committed such crucial acts. The plea further prays that Police Team should be posted in affected areas and that should be monitored by High Court.

The plea states, ‘On the past two occasions, whenever such a complaint was made to police the same used to be instantly forwarded to ruling parties soon who would then harass the listed aggrieved person all the more. This indicates that the police in hand in gloves with the ruling party goons.’

Lastly it plea notes, ‘It is in contravention of article 14,15,19 and 21. On behalf of the people of Entally, the petitioner urges the court to take immediate action to redress such instance of flagrant lawlessness in the state. The petitioner state that the people of entally are in a state of absolute helplessness as the police and authorities have done nothing in this regard. If no action is taken on an urgent basis, it will shake the belief of people of the state in their own Mandate, this choice i.e bringing the AITC to power.’

The plea seeks direction to the deputy commissioner of police and officer in charge of concerned police station to immediately cease the crucial act and file FIR against those persons committing such illegal acts.

The Calcutta High Court will be hearing the plea next week.


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