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‘MASK KI CLASS’: Innovative Punishment In Firozabad For Those Violating Lockdown Rules

By Tanurag Ghosh      Jul 14, 2020      0 Comments

Throughout the country, people are getting careless and not following the guidelines for social distancing. This ignorance has led to a rapid spread of the infection. The police have been punishing people for non-adherence to social distancing guidelines but even then, some people are defying the rules by refusing to wear masks, among other things. The city of Firozabad is now observing a unique and creative measure against those who refuse to wear masks for protection from the virus.

With more than 36,000 cases, Uttar Pradesh has seen a rising number of infections of COVID-19. The Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath announced a three-day lockdown to bring the situation under control once again. The district administration of Firozabad along with the police force have come up with an idea following which people who don’t wear masks will be made to write for a 100 times the following phrase- ‘Mask Lagana Hai’ (Mask should be worn)

This activity is named ‘Mask ki class’ which will consist of a police official, a member of the district administration, and a doctor. Commenting on the initiative Senior Superintendent of Police, Sachindra Pal, said “In this class, lessons will be imparted to those who are found moving out without a mask”,

He further clarified that these people will not face any police action but will be made to sit in the class for 3-4 hours. While writing the phrase, the violators will first be shown a video depicting the benefits and necessity of wearing a mask. 

The campaign will begin from Tilak Inter College in the city and will be monitored by the Superintendent of Police and the District Magistrate.

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