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Mumbai Woman, Raped And Tortured With Iron Rod, Dies In Hospital, Mumbai Police to hold a press conference today at 3pm.

Mumbai Woman Raped Tortured With Iron Rod

New Delhi: A 34-year-old woman who was raped and brutalized inside a stationary tempo in Sakinaka, Mumbai, in the early hours of Friday(September 10,2021), has died while being treated at a local hospital.

The woman was sexually assaulted and tortured in a heinous attack that bore disturbing similarities to the assault on a young medical student in Delhi in 2012. An iron rod was inserted into her body.

A team of police officers discovered her in a pool of blood on Khairani Road after the control room received an emergency call at 3.30 a.m. on FridayFriday ( September 10,2021) . 

Visuals from the area during the day show a busy main road with more than a moderate amount of traffic buzzing up and down. The police have also obtained disturbing CCTV footage, which appears to show a man standing over what appears to be a body lying on the ground.

According to the news agency PTI, the caller informed police that a woman was being beaten by a man.

She was rushed to the Rajawadi Hospital, which is run by the government.

According to a PTI report, preliminary investigations revealed bloodstains inside the tempo, which was parked by the roadside during the assault.

According to PTI, one of the accused, 45-year-old Mohan Chouhan, has been arrested on charges of rape and attempted murder.

The charges will be upgraded to murder now that the woman has died.

The Mumbai Police Department is scheduled to hold a press conference at 3 p.m today (September 11,2021) 


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