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Petition filed in Apex Court to remove certain verses in Quran

Petition filed in Apex Court to remove certain verses in Quran
Recently, a petition has been filed in Supreme Court by Syed Wasim Rizvi, a prominent jurist and scholar on Muslim Statutory and Personal Laws. He is also Chairman of U.P. Shia Central Board of Waqfs.

The purpose of filing of this public interest petition is to draw attention of the Apex Court towards the menace of Islamic Terrorism in India, its source and repercussions. 

The petition states that certain justifications given by Islamist Terrorist Groups for attacks on non-believers/civilians come from extreme interpretations of around 26 verses of the Islamic Holy Book ‘Quran.’

These justifications include:

  • Retribution by armed jehad for perceived injustices by non-believers against Muslims.
  • The belief that the killing of non-believers (kafirs) is permitted in Islam
  • The need to establish Islam by forcibly enforcing Sharia Law
  • Establishing Islamic State and Caliphat as head of the Islamic State within the country
  • Glorifying the terrorists as martyrs
  • Heavenly reward of company of opposite sex for martyrdom 
  • Supremacy of Islam over all other religions.
On account of the versus of Holy Quran, the religion of Islam is drifting away from its basic tenets with a fast pace and nowadays is identified with militancy, fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism.

The question arises whether the verses (more particularly described in Annexure P-4of the Writ Petition) are really part of holy Quran and whether these verses were revealed by the God (Allah) to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The question was resolved by petitioner who stated in the petition that the 26 verses of the Quran, which disregard the basic principles of humanity and spread hatred and bloodshed in the name of religion were added later on.



Before filing the PIL, the petitioner had personally undertaken thorough research on the subject, consulted the clerics, eminent people and advocates and tried his best to gather the best view points  in the larger public interest and tried to understand as to why the religion of Islam based on the concepts of equity, equality, tolerance and forgiveness, is drifting away from its tenets and is being identified with militancy, fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism.

The petitioner presented original translations of certain verses he found to be drifting away from basic tenets and had sent a representation dated 16.01.2021 to 57 registered Islamic Organisations and Institutions. The respondents have not replied to the representations and hence, the present petition has been filed.


Effects of the 26 verses as stated in the petition:

The Islamic Madarsas are making a big contribution to the increasing Muslim terrorist activities as there are many Muslim madarsas all over the world where young children are taught Islam and Holy Quran is explained to the Islamic students who are working for terrorist activities.

That the Muslim Madrasas which are spread through the entire world preach Islam basis the wrong phrases and verses, and radicalize the muslim children and youth towards Jehad, which, according to their irrational outlook means war against infidels,” petition states.

This is a material damage which is being caused to the entire muslim community which is based on misplaced facts and assumptions and is even driving muslim masses towards extremism and in many cases, towards terrorism.


The petition seeks that:

a. The suitable writ/ directions/ orders may kindly be passed in favour of the petitioner in public interest and against the respondents to the effect that the verses/suras contained in Holy Quran (more particularly described in Annexure P-4 of the writ petition), which violate Law of the Land, promote extremism and terrorism and pose serious threat to the sovereignty, unity and integrity of the country, be declared unconstitutional, non-effective and non-functional and appropriate directions may kindly be passed in this regard.

b. It is further prayed that appropriate committee of experts/ religious experts may kindly be appointed to get the opinion on the subject matter of the petition in the larger public interest.

c. It is further prayed that if this Hon’ble Court deems fit, the Respondent Government may kindly be directed to declare its policy on the subject/issue white paper or pass appropriate legislation, if it deems fit and appropriate by this Hon’ble Court.

d. Any other relief may also be granted.


This is not a matter of religious faith but of promoting a radical mindset and giving an incorrect and unintended education aiming at radicalizing the muslim youth, to fight against their own brethren and promoting  terrorism referring to the said incorrect verses of the Holy Book alleged to conveying the messages of Allah,” the petition also states.

It is to be noted that the petition has been filed on the grounds that the verses are going against article 19, 21, 25, 26, 29, 30 of the Indian constitution andarticle 51 part (e) has also been referred to in the petition. It has been submitted that the matter involves the entire muslim community at large, which is subject to ridicule worldwide on account of the interpretation of the said verses, which have no basis or nexus with the objects which the Holy book aimed to achieve.

The petition will be heard next week.


LSJ’s Take:

The Lawstreet Journal recently published an article throwing light on the constitutionality or otherwise of Azaan, the Islamic call to prayer. Specifically, in line with the eighth verse of the prayer i.e. La ilaha illa Allah or Nobody else should be prayed other than Allah, the discriminatory religious nature of the recital can be perceived.

The Azaan which is propagated with the use of loudspeakers at least five times a day could be hurtful towards the sentiments of the non-Islamic population of the Nation in as much as it creates an environment of religious differences due to the discriminatory use of words as stated above.

Similarly, LSJ also enumerated upon the petition filed in Supreme Court by Syed Wasim Rizvi that criticizes 26 verses of the Quran for fueling terrorism and thus calls for its abolishment. Have a look at it here. 


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