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Tips Music Owner Ramesh Taurani Lodges Complaint Against Fraud Committed In His Own Name

Tips Music Owner Ramesh Taurani Lodges Complaint
On February 17, 2020 Ramesh Taurani, who owns Tips Music, has lodged a police complain against a fraud committed in his name. He claims that a person or a group of persons are calling the struggling actors to audition for a music video of Taurani’s label Tips Music.

Tips Music Limited is a music and movie production, promotion and distribution company in Mumbai. While filing his complaint in Khar Police Station, he said that “It is disgusting that someone is misusing my name for their personal benefit. First of all, I never call random people for video shoot. If it is a serious business, then we have a team to look into the matter of casting or any required professionals. Secondly, we never announced any video shoot and I have no knowledge about it, which is why I had to lodge a complaint against the person or group of people misusing my name," Further he added that "Such people should be behind bars. I have already lodged a police complaint against these cheaters who are taking money on my name from innocent souls. I have nothing to do with this nor I am aware of it. I have collected enough proofs against them and I request the authorities to take necessary action against them,"

Author- Aditi Dubey


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