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Delhi Govt. openly defies orders of Supreme Court to distribute ration to sex workers; states that “no sex workers found in GB Road Red Light Area” [Read RTI]

Sex Workers GB Road After Lockdown

In a shocking revelation, Delhi Government’s big and blatant lie has yet again come to the fore. In wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the Hon’ble Supreme Court on October 28, 2020 directed all the state governments to ensure dry ration is provided to sex workers, identified by the National AIDS Control Organisation, during COVID-19 pandemic, in an adequate quantity, to address the destitution being faced by the sex workersdue to COVID-19. A bench headed by Justice L Nageswara Rao also directed the state governments to file compliance report within four weeks. 

On December 18, 2020, in this regard an RTI was filed by a final year law student Saurav Narayan whereby he questioned the Government of NCT of Delhi whether dry ration is being supplied to the sex workers of Delhi as per the orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court.  (Questions raised in the RTI entailed below).

  1. Which government department has responsibility for ration distribution to the sex workers at G.B Road Red Light Area ?
  2. How many number of sex workers are living in brothels during COVID times at GB Road Red Light Area ?
  3. How many times dry ration has been distributed to the sex workers at GB Road red light area?
  4. What is the total expenditure made on the distribution of dry ration to the sex workers from March to September at GB Road red light area?
  5. What is the price of dry ration bag distributed to the sex workers at the G.B. Road red light area?


It is pertinent to note here that there are about 84 brothels in 20 buildings at GB Road red light area where approximately 750 sex workers were residing during lockdown. 

In its response to the above questions, the Food and Supply Department of the Government of NCT of Delhi, stated that “no sex worker was found in the area.”

Currently, the Food and Supply Department of Delhi is being headed by Imran Hussain under the Third Kejriwal cabinet of Council of Ministers in Delhi Legislative Assembly headed by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. 

LawStreet Journal then interviewed Mr. Lekhraj Singh, Police Inspector of Kamala Market, Delhi, under whose jurisdiction the GB Road red light area lies, to verify the claim made by the Delhi Govt. who stated that sex workers are very much residing in that area itself and sometimes food is given to them not through the government (in adherence to SC order) but with the help of some NGO’s.

It is still not known as to how and why the Government of Delhi which is supposed to serve the “Aam Aadmi” has turned its back towards the sex workers, despite clear orders and directions from the top court of the nation by undertaking clever tactics of blatantly lying that no sex workers were found in G.B. Road red light area, therefore no dry ration was supplied to them. 

Ironically, this is the same government which in 2018 raised its voice against ration corruption in Delhi and even urged Lt. Governor Anil Baijal to sack the Food and Supplies Commissioner over allegations of corruption in ration delivery. Not only this, Kejriwal government even called for CBI probe in this matter in 2018. 

Well, the RTI reply from the government in sex workers matter has raised several questions as to the audacity of Delhi Government to defy orders of the Supreme Court and openly and fearlessly lying about “no sex workers being found in the area”.


[Read RTI]




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