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MHA Issues Unlock 2 Guidelines: Libraries, Colleges, Cinema Halls, Gymnasiums, Metro Rail, Etc., to Remain Closed Until 31 July [READ ORDER]

By Manthan Pandit      Jun 30, 2020      0 Comments
MHA Issues Unlock Guidelines

On Monday, 29th June 2020, the Ministry of Home Affairs released instructions for "Unlock 2," extending the lockout in containment zones until 31st July 2020.

In line with this, the following practices would be prohibited outside the exclusion zones:

  1. Schools, colleges, educational institutions, and coaching institutions will remain closed till 31st July 2020. Online education and distance learning will be permitted and encouraged.
  2. Training institutions of Central and State Governments will be allowed to function from 15th July 2020, for which Standard Operating Procedure will be issued by the Department of Personnel and Training.
  3. International air travel of passengers, except as permitted by the MHA
  4. Metro Rail
  5. Cinema halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls, and similar places.
  6. Social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious functions, and other congregations.

Separately, the dates for restarting the above operations will be determined. 

There is also a restricted permit for domestic flights and passenger trains. It will extend its operations in a tailored manner.


Night Curfew

The night curfew will be in place across the country from 10 PM until 5 AM. As per the earlier guidelines released on 30th May 2020, the curfew for the night was from 9 PM. The night travel restriction does not apply to essential activities, including the operation of industrial units in multiple shifts, the movement of persons and goods on State and National Highways, the loading and unloading of cargo and the transportation of persons to their destinations after disembarking from buses, trains, and airplanes. Individuals over the age of 65, people with comorbidities, pregnant women and children under the age of 10 are recommended to stay at home, except for important purposes.


Aarogya Setu:

To ensure safety to offices and workplaces, employers will make best efforts to ensure that all workers with compatible cell phones have Aarogya Setu devices installed. 

The Union Home Secretary has given these guidelines in the capacity of Chairman of the National Executive Committee under the National Disaster Management Act, 2005, exercising powers under Section 10(2)(l) of the Act. 

It is reported that there will be no restriction on the interstate and intrastate movement of persons and goods and that such movement does not require a separate e-permit or transfer. 

States and territories of the Union were granted the right to enforce additional restrictions in areas outside of exclusion zones based on local situation assessment. 

It was on 31st May 2020, that the Center declared the "Unlock 1" process, allowing religious sites, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, etc. to be reopened in areas outside containment zones from 8th June 2020. 

The change came after a country-wide enforced four-phase full lockdown with effect from 24th March 2020, to contain the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world in terms of Economic, Emotional, Psychologic, and Security safeties. The police and other authorities are working overtime in order to maintain a line of order on the streets. This circular should be taken seriously, and the public at large should be made aware of the consequences of not following the necessary norms.



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