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Ministry of cooperation: Central Govt creates a new ministry to strengthen cooperative movement

Ministry of cooperation strengthen cooperative movement

On Tuesday (06/07/2021), the government created a Ministry of Cooperation to boost the Indian cooperative movement and encourage indigenous enterprises.

India's first minister of cooperation will also be sworn in on Wednesday (07/07/2021)once the Union Cabinet reshuffle takes place and the new ministers take the oath of office at the Durbar Hall in the President House.

Sources reported that the new ministry of Cooperation will work to realize the vision of "Sahkar se Samriddhi" and will provide a separate administrative, legal and TVpolicy framework to boost the cooperative movement in the country.

"The development will aid the deeping of the cooperatives as true people-based movements with benefits going down to the grassroots. The ministry will be mandated to streamline the processes for the ease of doing business for cooperatives and ultimately aim to broaden and strengthen the multi-state cooperative," said top government sources.

News agency ANI reported that expansion is likely to take place on July 8, 2021. It also said the reshuffle and expansion of the union council of ministers, the first in the second term of Prime Minister, is likely to see record induction of members from OBC and SC communities.

"The ministry will work to streamline processes for 'ease of doing business' for cooperatives and enable the development of multi-state cooperatives (MSCS)," it said.

It could be noted that the central government has signaled its deep commitment to community-based developmental partnership with the initiative. The creation of a separate Ministry for Cooperation also fulfills the budget announcement made by the finance minister.


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