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RBI Becomes First Central Bank in the World to Have One Million Twitter Followers

RBI Twitter

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has become the first central bank in the world to have more than one million or 10 lakh Twitter followers. Bank colleagues were congratulated by the RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das.

Das said in a Twitter post, “RBI Twitter account reaches one million followers today. A new milestone. Congratulations to all my colleagues in RBI.”

As of Sunday (22nd November 2020), more than 10, 00, 000 people around the globe are following RBI’s Twitter handle and it has become one of the most popular central banks in the world.

RBI has over taken the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank in the race of number of Twitter followers.

RBI’s which is an 85-year-old central bank had joined Twitter very late and it is an achievement to reach more than 10, 00, 000 followers on the social media webiste.

The Bank’s Twitter account was created in January 2012, much later than the Twitter handles of US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB).

Banco de Mexico or the central bank of Mexico is the second-most followed central bank on Twitter and it has a follower count of7.74 lakh followers and is followed by the Bank of Indonesia which has 7.57 lakh followers.

It is atonishing that the world’s most prominent central bank, The US Federal Reserve, has only 6.77 lakh followers while the ECB which is the second-most powerful monetary authority in the world has 5.91 lakh followers on Twitter.

ECB is followed by the Central Bank of Brazil with 3.82 lakh follows and then comes the Bank of England with 3.17 lakh followers. 

Bank of Canada is the next in line in terms of Twitter followers with 1.80 lakh people follwing it from around the globe whereas the State Bank of Pakistan has1.16 lakh followers.

Since March 2019, The RBI’s Twitter popularity has surged when it had just about 3.42 lakh followers. The follower counts jumped to 7,50,000 by March 2020, and the followers further increased by 1.5 lakh since March 25, 2020, as perthe official sources.

As many as 2.5 lakh new people have started following RBI’s official Twitter account in the current financial year making it the most followed bank on the social media site.


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