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Action initiated against 5,584 companies for not filing tax returns-Delhi government

Tax Returns filing Delhi Govt
The Delhi government the government has reviewed the tax collection of the last quarter and found out that 10800 companies registered under GST have either paid no tax or less tax in the said quarter. 

Manish Sisodiya, Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister said around 9 sectors, namely-auto, electronics, e-commerce, insurance, pharma, financial services, consulting, security and healthcare- are not at all affected due to Covid and even then around 935 companies under this sector have paid zero tax and 2017 companies have paid 50% tax. 

The minister said that these companies will be scrutinized for the reason of not filing tax returns. He further asked these companies to immediately deposit the taxes otherwise stringent action would be taken against them. The Date of filing of GST return Q1 2020-2019 was due in July 2020 and has now been extended further.




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