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Huawei Appeals Against 5G Network Ban in Sweden

Huawei Telecom Authority Sweden
Last month (October 2020), the Telecom Authority of Sweden gave a decision that the operators participating in the Sweden's 5G spectrum auction shall exclude the Chinese telecom equipment from operations.

It was argued that such ban was imposed on security grounds as it was assessed that Huawei equipment were used for spying. But Huawei claimed that no such acts were being done by them. They said that the ban will create monopoly for Ericsson AB and will give Nokia an opportunity to establish itself in the market. 

Thus,  Huawei Technologies filed an appeal in the administrative court of Stockholm for setting aside the decision. 

In the appeal, Kenneth Fredrickson, Huawei's Executive Vice President, Central East Europe and Nordic Region stated that the decision of the ban was not proper for the customers and not according to the law as it violated European Union and national laws. 

Huawei also estimated that if such a ban is not repealed, it will cause an economic loss of about 10 billion kronor to them.


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