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New York Judge Reduces Johnson & Johnson damages Award in Baby Powder Case to $120 Million

Johnson Baby Powder Case
A New York state judge has reduced an award to $120 million from $325 million in a verdict against Johnson & Johnson, pronounced in a case filed by a woman who blamed her cancer on asbestos exposure from using the company’s baby powder. 

As per courts records, Justice Gerald Lebovtis of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan approved the powered payout this week. 

While uploading the jury’s liability finding, Lebovtis wrote on Nov 11, 2020 that the damages were too high and the Olsons could either accept the lowered award or have a new trial on damages. 

Johnson and Johnson did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

Jerome Block, a lawyer for the Olsons, said they were satisfied with the result, and confident that it would be upheld if appealed.


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