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Putin Rules Out Legalizing Gay Marriage In Russia Says "There Will Be Dad & Mum"

Putin Rules Out Legalizing Gay Marriage In Russia
Russian President Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting on proposals for amending the Russian Constitution on February 13, 2020. Putin said that he would not legalize gay marriage in Russia as long as he is in the Kremlin. Being in a gay relationship is not against the laws in Russia but same sex marriage is.  Putin has clearly said that he would not let the subversion of the traditional notion of mother and father take place in Russia.

He also said that as long as he is the President, the concept of 'parent number 1' and 'parent number 2' will not happen.

"There will be dad and mum," said Putin when he met a State Commission for the discussion of changes in the Russian Constitution. The commission was discovered last month after Putin announced sweeping changes to Russia’s form of government that are widely seen as being designed to assist him extend his grip on power after his scheduled departure from office in 2024.

Other proposals have since been suggested and Putin was asked to discuss a proposal to feature a line within the constitution defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

“We need only to think in what phrases and where to try and do this,” he replied.

In separate comments during the meeting, Putin said he backed a thought to make it unconstitutional for Russia to offer away any part of its territory, which is likely to irritate Japan and Ukraine that have land disputes with Moscow.

Putin has been successfully maintaining a grip on power in Russia for two decades now. During his two decades of being in power, he sought to distance Russia from alleged influences of western culture like homosexuality and gender fluidity.


Author: Khushi Singh


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