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[Char Dham Road Project] Supreme Court Live Hearing

Char Dham Road Project Supreme Court Live Hearing

Justice Chandrachud: Assit us for ten minutes on this- What are the kinds of safeguards that the supreme court as a constitutional court should impose? What kind of stringent conditions should be made to balance environmental concerns and the defence matters.

Justice Chandrachud: This will have no bearing on the order but we'd like to know.

Sr Adv Gonsalves: There was no fault in mitigation design but the entire report demonstrates that all attempts at mitigation have failed. Complete failure of mitigation.

SC: Large part of the work has already been done.

Sr Adv Gonsalves: Whatever the AG said has got nothing to do with the feeder roads. It's about the border roads.

SC: Is it sensible to leave work in haphazard manner?


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