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“180+ law officers and you say you don’t have a paper book”; CJI slams lawyer and refuses adjournment

CJI slams lawyer and refuses adjournment

Before Supreme Court Bench led by CJI Ramana:

Counsel for State of Haryana seeks adjournment saying paper book of case isn’t available.

CJI: we can’t help you, your Governments will be like this only! You never come up,after 10-11 years also you say paper book is not there!

Bench asks State Counsel: How many additional, associate and deputy Advocate Generals do you have in Haryana?

Justice Surya Kant. Its more than 180 law officers

CJI: 180+ law officers and you come say you don’t have paper book?

Justice Surya Kant: You’ve an exclusive legal cell in Delhi, regular district attorney and several staff members are there & yet you say this!

Counsel: earlier the matter was assigned to someone who isn’t on panel anymore.

Petitioner Counsel: I got to know about the case yesterday only.

CJI: Its a 2010 matter. And you want adjournment. I’m not going to grant adjournment


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