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[COVID-19]: PIL For Ensuring Migrant Workers' Welfare Filed In SC During National Lockdown

Ensuring Migrant Workers Covid19
An attempt to direct the court's attention towards the plight of the migrant workers has been casted towards the Supreme Court in a PIL filed by advocate Alakh Alok Srivastava on 27th March, 2020. 

The nationwide lockdown that came into effect from 25th March, 2020 has left these workers without any means of incomes and resources at their disposal. "The biggest sufferers of this crisis situation are the poor, unregistered migrant workers working in various big cities of India as cycle rickshaw pullers, rag pickers, construction workers, factory workers, house maids, servants, unskilled and semi skilled workers etc," states the petition. 

These workers are either walking on foot or have been left stranded at various parts of the country in inhumane conditions where there is no access to basic commodities. 

The plea therefore seeks intervention by the Apex Court to direct district magistrates across the country to identify these workers and shift them to the nearest government facilities.

Author - Dyuti Pandya 


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