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Hindu Dharma Parishad Moves Supreme Court Seeking Enforcement Of Farmers’ Acts And A Ban On Agitations Against Them

By RHEA BANERJEE RHEA BANERJEE      Oct 08, 2020      0 Comments      2,147 Views
Hindu Dharma Parishad Supreme Court

A plea was forwarded to the Supreme Court seeking the issuance of directions to the Centre and States so as to enforce the Farmers Act and to initiate rules and guidelines against the ongoing agitation and processions by the political parties and organizations. The plea was filed by the Hindu Dharma Parishad who basically demanded a ban of these agitations and processions irrespective of whether they are in favor or against the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020 in no. 20 of 2020 and the Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and facilitation) Act, 2020 no.21 of 2020 till the decision is dispensed by the Court. 

With the same context, the plea further seeks to ban the electronic telecommunications, internet, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, posters, flex banner, or any other electronic transfer communication regarding any statement or videos of Farmers Acts’ which are propagating throughout India either supporting the Act or rejecting its implementation. The plea has also claimed that the Farmers Acts are pro-farmer and should be enacted for the benefit of agriculture. 

The plea further mentions, “That the petitioner states the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020 and Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020 is being implemented in the interest of agriculture people and to save them from increasing poverty as India is going through an agrarian crisis and the farmers who have been involved in one of the most meaningful livelihoods on earth are struggling to make ends meet.”

It was further informed that many farmers in the delta regions have committed suicide due to lack of water and under the fear of no ability to save their standing crop and these enactments will be acting as a rescuer of these poor farmers. The organization has also averred that the oppositions are instigated by people and organizations due to political gains, 

That the petitioner states that some states in India are opposing the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020 and Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce Act, 2020 and resisting the implementation of the bill in their legislative Assembly for the reason of political gain. It is the bounden duty of State governments to execute the bill if it is passed in the Parliament.”

Lastly, the petition claims that the Parliament of India has wide power to enact laws and that once, the law is enacted and comes into force, the Central and State Government Executives shall execute the law. However, some states have decided not to impellent the enactments and even provoking people to indulge in riots and arson. 

With regard to the above message, the plea contends, “Every day there are indulging arson and riots backed by some anti-national political parties and threatening the Government to withdraw the bill by using their terrorized way if it continues in Indian democracy and the power of democracy will only be in papers and no one can enforce it. The government has to use an iron hand to quell the riot.” 

The above plea was filed by Advocate Narendra Kumar Verma and was drawn by Baby Devi Bonia. Thus, from the above the plea it seems they are quite the supporters of the government and are explicitly advocating the idea of using an iron hand to suppress the people and their demands rather than actually addressing the issues of the public. The plea seems pro-government and not pro-public which is why there has to be an unbiased settlement of the respective petition. The plea shall be decided by the Apex Court and hoping for an impartial view of this plea. 

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