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Interest-Free Loans for Lawyers: SC Asks Association to File Affidavit Detailing Credentials

Interest Free Loans for Lawyers
A plea has been filed by Advocate Varinder Kumar Sharma on behalf of the Supreme Court Arguing Counsel Association with the Hon’ble Supreme Court requesting the court to order guidelines to the respondents for waving off the current installments of loans taken by the advocates and practitioners keeping in view of the current pandemic situation. The plea also highlighted some keynotes requesting for providing an interest-free loan up to 20 lakhs to the petitioners.

It was emphasized in the plea that the advocates and practitioners tied up with the association are currently facing huge financial burden due to the current pandemic scenario as the courts have been shut down for the last 6months and there was a continuous interruption in performing the professional work to go on smoothly. It was argued by the petitioners before the court that most of the members of the association are practitioners and Senior advocates with more than 10 years of experience and people come across from all around the country and establish themselves by purchasing their houses and offices. The members are considerably are the face of the Justice system and it would be a clear case of unfairness if the Hon’ble court doesn’t make some provisions to help these backbones of our legal system in this scenario.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court observed the key points argued by the petitioners and keeping in mind for the welfare of many practitioners and advocates, the court asked the association to provide the necessary credentials to decide further on the matter.


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