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[Khori Gaon Demolitions LIVE UPDATE] Supreme Court hearing


Supreme Court is hearing a batch of pleas filed challenging the rehabilitation policy including the eligibility criteria framed by the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad with respect to the demolitions at Khori Gaon.

Sr Adv Sanjay Parikh for petitioner begins his submissions.

Bench: You’ll address us on scheme?

Parikh: yes I’m addressing on the scheme today

Parikh: Main argument is about eligibility conditions which are there, which are restrictive. I’ll make my point good by referring to different schemes where more documents are held valid.

Parikh: These people were never informed by state agencies what kind of land they were occupying.

Parikh: First point is when this court directed demolition in forest area, direction is correct as you can’t occupy forest area.

Parikh: We’d raised a point that before you remove these persons, they’d required to be rehabilitated.

An order was passed then, which hasn’t been complied with. They said only a drone survey was done.

Bench: how will this have any relevance to the scheme?

Parikh: When this question was put they said they didn’t have identification.

Parikh: I had come out & said we’ll give declaration form, this is the problem, in addition we’ll give other proofs. I’m pointing out if they had done a survey things would have been better for these poor people.


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