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Live Updates [Khori Gaon Demolitions] Supreme Court Live Updates

Khori Gaon Demolitions Supreme Court Live Updates

Oct 22, 2021

SC: If the grievance remains unresolved for two weeks from making such request, such an application may be filed in this court.

Oct 22, 2021

SC: Mr Bhardwaj for Corporation submits that such letters demanding 17,000 was issued inadvertently. We note this and record. The upfront amount shall be collected from allotted after permanent allotment after draw of lots.

SC: In respect of the solatium money, Corp says that solatium money for 6 months to affected persons will be provided and corrective steps will be taken in case of non-payment. In light of above nothing more is required to be done.

SC: Instead of burdening this court issues mentioned in these applications such issues may be communicated to the corporation for remedial measures. in future, before filing such applications the petitioner should intimate Mr Bhardwaj in respect of which attention is sought.

Oct 22, 2021

Parikh: also the ones who have been identified but not given accommodation should also be paid that Rs 2,000 as it was ordered

Haryana AAG: I think that 17,000 deposit notification was issued inadvertently and we will ensure that it is not implemented.

SC: I think Mr Parikh that takes care of your concern

AAG: We are also waiving 17,000 and being made into 10,000 during final allotment. Please don't press the solatium now.

Oct 22, 2021

Justice AM Khanwilkar: We will have to list this after November 15, 2021

SG Tushar Mehta: I am confident that we (Haryana government) will be able to satisfy your lordships.

SC: We hope so !

Sr Adv Colin Gonsalves: We want to file a reply to the affidavit

SC: We have issued a freezing order(laughs). all that ordered remains. Documents to be submitted before Nov 12, 2021

Sr Advocate Sanjay Parikh mentions the main issue of Khori gaon slum dwellers rehabilitation: you passed an order on Oct 8 stating Aadhaar will be recognized for temporary accommodation. Now a letter has been issued saying for provisional accommodation 17,000 has to be deposited

Parikh: this condition now runs contrary to your earlier order

SC: But isn't this subject to draw of lots. we got your point that you say this amount should be during final allotment and not provisional allotment.

Supreme Court is hearing a batch of pleas filed challenging the rehabilitation policy including the eligibility criteria framed by the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad with respect to the demolitions at Khori Gaon.

Sr Adv Colin Gonsalves: I’ve received affidavit from State of Haryana yesterday, so I circulated a letter yesterday asking for a week’s time.

Bench: We haven’t received it. Your matter will be taken up on 15th November. (Dispute regarding forest land)


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