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Live Updates [Live Update] SC Hearing: Lakhimpur Kheri violence

Lakhimpur Kheri violence live update

Oct 07, 2021

CJI: we received a message right now that mother of deceased is in critical condition, due to shock of loss of son & is need of urgent medical attention. Immediately communicate to Your state government & take care. Provide all medical facilities.

Hearing adjourned for tomorrow

Oct 07, 2021

SC gives Uttar Pradesh govt 24 hours to file a status report identifying the accused in the FIR and whether they have been arrested or not

Orders State to facilitate immediate medical care for mother of a 19-yr-old man who died in the incident

Uttar Pradesh Addl Advocate General Garima Parshad describes Lakhimpur Kheri incident as "extreme, unfortunate".

CJI: We also feel the same way

Oct 07, 2021

CJI: Grievance is you are not properly investigating.

Prashad: Commission of inquiry has been formed. We can file a status report  

CJI: You will give a status report tomorrow?

Prashad: will try to file it today

CJI: Get instructions, we will list tomorrow. Also find out what happened to PILs before the High Court.  

Justice Surya Kant: Its in the petition that 8 persons, farmers & journalists have been killed. We need to know who are accused against whom FIR has been filed & if they have been arrested. Add that in your status report.

Oct 07, 2021

Tripathi: for directing Ministry to register the 2 involved in this matter

CJI: already that was registered

Sr Adv Garima Prashad for UP: Its an unfortunate incident

CJI: We also feel that way. 8 people lost their lives.

Prashad: The entire incident will be properly looked into. Investigation is proceeding. We will file a report. FIR is there.

Oct 07, 2021

CJI: The FIR is already registered in thai case.

Parshad: It was an extremely unfortunate incident.

CJI: We also feel the same way. 8 people have lost their lives.

Parshad: FIR is there, SIT & a judicial inquiry is also initiated.

Oct 07, 2021

Khalsa: the mother of the farmer who died is in critical condition.

Justice Kohli: switch off your video and argue

Tripathi: UP govt has not taken steps which is needed  in this democratic set up

CJI: what is the relief you want?

Oct 07, 2021

Justice Kohli: please stabilize your camera Mr Tripathi

CJI: Don't move so much

Tripathi: the main issue is of human rights violation

CJI: you are arguing from where

Tripathi: I am unable to hear you

Oct 07, 2021

Tripathi: sorry i was unable to connect. This letter plea related to this incident .. I hope the court will take cognisance of this. actual number of farmers who died due to negligence of administration is mentioned

Tripathi: we requested if the court can take appropriate action in this regard

Adv Amritpal Khalsa: the mother of the farmer is in critical condition my lord

Oct 07, 2021

CJI: Where is the lawyer? Shiv Kumar Tripathi

Control room : he is not responding

Bench waits for the lawyer to enable his camera

Oct 07, 2021

CJI: Sr Adv Vijay Hansaria you are appearing for whom?

Hansaria: i am appearing as a member of the bar for the life and liberty of Indian citizens

CJI: This letter is addressed by 2 lawyers. We directed registry to register this as a pil but due to miscommunication it became a suo motu. But its fine. Inform both the lawyers who wrote the letter to be present

Oct 07, 2021

CJI NV Ramana clarifies that case was incorrectly listed as "suo moto" matter due to miscommunication with court registry.

It was supposed to be a PIL based on letters by 2 lawyers.

"Doesn't matter, we'll hear it nonetheless", CJI said

Hearing commences before the CJI bench.

CJI clarifies the suo motu is on the basis of letter written by two advocates, seeking action in Lakhimpur Kheri incident.

Senior advocate Garima Parshad appears for the Uttar Pradesh Government.

Matter gets passed over for some time as lawyers, who had written the letter, didn't appear during the hearing.


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