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Live Updates [MULLAPERIYAR DAM ISSUE] Supreme Court Live Updates

MULLAPERIYAR DAM ISSUE Supreme Court Live Hearing

Oct 25, 2021

Supreme Court asks Kerala Govt to not debate what should be the suitable height of the water level in the Mullaperiyar dam before the court but rather engage with Tamil Nadu Govt & the committee.

"This involves life of people..this isn't a political arena. Talk to authorities".

Oct 25, 2021

Sr Adv Jaideep Gupta: Tamil Nadu government can keep the water level at 137 till then.

Bench: We will only refer to this order of 2018 and say, maximum level should not exceed 139 ft?

Sr Adv Krishnamurthy. Your Lordships may not say that. Let them assess. No heavy rainfall is expected in next 4-5 days according to forecast.

Gupta: It may be maintained at 137. According to us there’s forecast of heavy rainfall.

Bench states that the matter can be taken up once Committee decides

Bench: We direct all authorities concerned to interact urgently and Committee to take a decision as to water level to be maintained.

Supreme Court to shortly hear pleas seeking directions for proper monitoring of Mullaperiyar Dam, especially in wake of the flood situation in Kerala& termination of lease deed between States of Kerala & Tamil Nadu in relation to the dam

Sr Adv Wills Mathews: due to heavy rain in state of Kerala, water level has gone up. There’s rain & landslides Life of 50 lakh people is in danger! The matter needs urgent consideration. There’s serious issue.

Bench: Let other side make their point.

ASG Bhati: the committee’s report has been placed.

Bench: some application has been filed

Adv G Prakash for Kerala: State of Kerala has sought time.

Adv G Prakash for Kerala: In 2018 when there was floods, there was an order passed that water level be kept till 139 ft, that order may be passed.

Bench: what’s the date of order?

Bench asks for a copy of its 2018 order.

Sr Adv Krishnamurthy for Tamil Nadu: May i say, at 9 am today water level is 137.2 ft.

Bench: at that time a statement was made by the Committee. Who’s appearing for the Committee?

Bench is informed ASG Aishwarya Bhati is appearing

ASG Bhati: I’ve instructions to appear in item 37.

Bench: A issue has been raised that there is an immediate need to specify maximum level of water to be maintained. If you want to get instructions, we can pass it over.

ASG: Kindly have it tomorrow

Justice Khanwilkar: Please understand anxiety of other party. Committee needs to take a decision, take a decision and tell us what needs to be maximum level and till when.

J Khanwilkar adds: We don’t know what risk factors are involved. Committee needs to decide this. We can’t decide water levels. This has to be decided immediately, in a day or two.


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