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Petitioner Srivari Dadaa tells CJI NV Ramana led bench: Please listen to facts of case with patience

Petitioner Srivari Dadaa tells CJI NV Ramana led bench

CJI NV Ramana: if you are a Balaji devotee then you must be patient. everyday you cannot threaten registry to list the petition. This is not done. we are all devotees of Balaji

CJI: Can we interfere in puja and how it has to be conducted. this is not Kachherhri court that you can say whatever you want

Dadaa: its about fundamental right

CJI: How to conduct pooja is a fundamental right?

CJI to respondent: It is said that there are certain irregularities in conducting pooja. We are all devotees of puja and we all expect that the Devasthanam will take care of traditions and perform all ritual and customs. what happened to the petitioners representation then?

Plea filed by devotee of Lord Balaji regarding administration of the temple

CJI-- you're a devotee of Balaji? Devotees have a lot of patience. This is a PIL and you keep threatening the registry every day that if you don't list the matter I will do this or that

What's the emergency? Can the court interfere in how the Puja is to be conducted or how many people can do puja. 
How does Puja have to be conducted is a fundamental right? How can we interfere??

CJI asks Adv for Tirumala Devasthanam what happened to the representation filed by the petitioner.

CJI-- he's bringing to notice of you and the court that there is some irregularities is conduct of ceremonies and pujas. It's not about legal right. I am a devotee of Balaji, my brother and sister Judges, We are all devotees of Balaji and expect that all rituals will be conducted according to the traditions.

You find out what happened to his representation and get back to us.

SC bench headed by CJI asks Tirupathi Tirumala Devasthanam to clarify whether there is any irregularities in conduct of rituals at Tirupati temple

CJI starts speaking to the petitioner in Telugu.

Hearing now on next Wednesday.


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