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Plea in Delhi High Court to Provide Cashless Treatment to Judicial Officers, Court Staff and their Family Members

Plea in Delhi High Court to Provide Cashless Treatment to Judicial Officers, Court Staff and their Family Members

A petition has been filed by Advocate Tanveer Ahmed Mir in Delhi High Court for giving cashless clinical treatment irrespective of the hospitals to legal officials, court staff, or their close relatives going through treatment and to give a quick repayment of the medical costs already charged by them.

Through this petition, Advocate Mir filed an urgent application wherein notice was given by the Court yesterday, looking for ex gratia payment to the friends and relatives of legal officials and individuals from the court staff in order of Rs. 1 Crore and 50 Lakhs respectively who have lost their lives due to Coronavirus. 

Highlights of the Plea

The plea highlighted the unfortunate death of Mr. Ashu Garg, Registrar General of the National Green Tribunal succumbed to Coronavirus. Moreover, it stated figures of court staff and legal individuals being Coronavirus positive.

It read that,

It is that at the moment a staggering number of 1039 legal officials, court staff individuals, and their relatives stand infected with COVID-19, many of them are hospitalized and are paying a large amount of cash beyond their ability to get themselves and their friends and relatives treated."

Expressing that the legal officials have been forced to spend cash to the tune of Rs. 7.5 to 10 Lakhs for which they have depleted all their savings leave encashments and different assets, the request further states subsequently:

It would not be strange to specify here that the legal officials every month have been contributing an amount of Rs. 1,000/ - from their beneficiary salary towards the Delhi Government with an assumption that the said government would take care at least of their clinical facilities. Nonetheless, sadly the authority respondents in egregious and glaring infringement, of all ethics and a basic human sense have made no strides whatsoever in at least looking to rescue the circumstance by either giving cashless transaction of clinical treatment for all legal official, court staff of the subordinate court and the court staff of Delhi High Court and the Registry authorities also," the plea added.

The matter will be heard next on 12 May 2021.


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