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SC LIVE UPDATES: Sr. Adv. Rahul Mehra representing Delhi govt. mentions before SC matter pertaining to ‘Services’ under domain of Delhi or UoI.

Rahul Mehra representing Delhi govt

Senior Advocate Rahul Mehra on behalf of Delhi Government mentions before Supreme Court Bench led by CJI a matter pertaining to ‘Services’ being under domain of Delhi or Union of India.

Mehra:Its a matter pertaining to issue of services which find mention in entry 41 of list II

Mehra: Pursuant to constitutional Bench judgement where only 3 subjects were kept in domain of Union govt, Police, land & public order.

Mehra: 2 judge Bench expressed divergent views & matter was before 3 Judge Bench. Since entire administrative control vests currently with central Government its an important issue and impedes on ability of delhi govt to govern & implement its policy

CJI: its a 5 judge bench matter.

Mehra: it was a 3 judge bench matter. It placed before them.

CJI: after Dussehra vacation. We have to constitute a Bench.


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