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PIL in Rajasthan HC seeks incentives, compassionate appointment for doctors and nurses working as COVID warriors

Rajasthan high Court Covid Warriors Doctors Nurses

A PIL has been filed in the Rajasthan HC, which seeks incentives in addition to the regular salary to the doctors and nurses working as covid warriors and frontline workers in private and well as government hospitals.

The plea has been led by Advocate Sahil Jain stating the petitioner desires to ensure that doctors/nurses are taken utmost care of, both financially and mentally by being provided with incentives to boost their work morale and enthusiasm in the view of the ongoing corona pandemic all over the country, including Rajasthan. The plea further seeks compassionate appointment schemes both in private as well as government hospitals.

The plea states,

“Amidst the shortage of medical infrastructure in the state of Rajasthan makes it even more important to dedicate a special scheme to provide incentives and compassionate appointment for the doctors and nurses who are working in the covid care centers and hospitals in order to fight the covid pandemic and provide them health as well as job security.”

Further the plea states that the government needs to amplify the efforts of the people who are risking their lives by being in the frontline in midst of a pandemic by providing them monetary benefits.

“There has been a very low set of income paid to the warriors who are fighting this lethal biological war which is henceforth directly demeaning the doctors and nurses who are fighting against such biological weapon by not getting the apt compensation and incentives for their dedicated work which puts their lives at risk," it adds.

The plea stresses the fact that there is a lack of regulation and implementation of scheme provided under Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Packag. It states;

“Nearly 800 doctors and nurses have already succumbed to the said lethal virus. However, till now no benefits have been provided to the kin of those doctors and nurses who have already died. Those families still await the insurance amount promised to them under the scheme. ‘Rs. 50 Lakhs will be awarded as an insurance for the family of those doctors who have succumbed to the virus.’ Yet no financial aid is to be seen.”

Finally, the plea prays for the following;

  • Direct the respondents to provide incentives additional to the salary of doctors and nurses.
  • Guide the respondents to issue an order for providing compassionate appointment,
  • The respondents must ensure the regulation and implementation of insurance scheme under Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Package.


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