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Live Updates SC Hearing on Delhi Air Pollution: Contribution of Stubble Burning [LIVE UPDATES]

SC Hearing on Delhi Air Pollution live updates

Nov 15, 2021

All construction activities stopped till 17. 

Bench - Other states has to also take decisions. What is your Delhi is not only NCR. Other areas are also in Delhi. 

Mehra-We are also considering a lockdown. The vehicle problem is in NCR. The entire NCR has to have a one prong approach. If are ready to go in for lockdown but has to be imposed in whole of NCR.

Bench - The affidavit filed by the diff respondent we come to conclusion the major area construction, industry transport power and vehicular traffic apart from stubble burning in some parts. Even though some decisions were taken by the task force, it has not indicated precisely what steps they are going to take to control these factors which are causing pollution. We direct GOI to call for an emergency meeting tomorrow and discuss the areas we indicated to discuss the implementation process. With respect to stubble burning, all affidavits indicate contribution in not much. However there is a good amount of stubble burning taking place in Punjab and Haryaa. We request states to pursue farmers not to burn stubble for two weeks. Encourage Work from home. Concerned secretaries attend the meeting and make their submissions before the committee.

Nov 15, 2021

Bench - Any Counsel for Haryana? So, they are busy deciding who will appear in the matter.

Justice Kant to Mr Mehra for Delhi Govt: Mr Mehra, This kind of lame excuses will compel us to hold an audit inquiry into total revenue you’re collecting & spending on popularity slogans instead of looking after people.

CJI: The way we expected Executive people will discuss and come with a solution hasn’t been done. This is unfortunate

CJI: Construction industry, stubble burning etc are issues. Let the committees meet and let them discuss these issues & action plan by tomorrow evening.

Bench: The task force to meet and decide on these issues. Please ask your task force to discuss these specific issues and come back by tomorrow evening. If necessary we can hear tomorrow or day after tomorrow. We are not forcing to take action against farmers. Pursue them to defer burning for some time.( State of Punjab )You are imposing fine on farmers (some NGT directions). But affidavit is silent on what incentive are you providing? How much paddy field there is, how you provide incentive.

Patwalia - We have convenience volume. 

Mehra - 69 are currently there. MC will tell use how many they require. We will issue the funds immediately. We have indicated under various heads what al steps we have taken in Delhi. Almost all have already been taken in Delhi. Three steps - All schools.

Nov 15, 2021

Bench - You want farmers have to be blamed. Delhi State Counsel what is the steps taken 

Rahul Mehra - (about machines) 69 machines are there. 

Bench - What can you do to augment the number of machines? Can you see steps to see change in the foreseeable future? 69 machine sufficient? 

Mehra - Corporation does all of this. Mayor and other people can file a targeted affidavit tday. 

Bench - You are passing the buck to the Municipal corporation again. 

Mehra - I’ll come with instructions. 

Bench - We have a number of Municipal Corporation. How many machine Govt can augment immediately? How will you best augment within 24 hours? 

Mehra - Can I take instructions from the Principal Secretary and come back.

Nov 15, 2021

Mr Vikas Singh submit Centre’s earlier affidavit said the stubble burning has increased 

CJI: Mr Singh you are saying farmers need to be blamed or what? Delhi Counsel please clarify what steps you’re taking.\

J Chandrachud: What can you do to increase mechanised machines immediately? 

Mehra: Whatever is required, there’s a commitment from top of the Board. 

CJI: that’s alright everyone is committed. Its the steps taken on ground level that’s important

Nov 15, 2021

SG: Whatever more can be done will be done, Delhi has done its best. Punjab has done its best. 

J Kant: How many machines are there? Their entire affidavit ( Delhi Govt’s) is about blaming the farmers 

Sr Adv Rahul Mehra: No 

J Chandrachud: now the cat is out of the bag, Farmers & burning is 4% of the pollution acc to the tabulated chart.

Nov 15, 2021

Bench: Why no plying of all vehicles in Delhi? 75% of the pollution is due to three factor industry, dust and transport.

Justice Chandrachud: Tell us by 17th what are concrete measures that you can take to bring about a change in the situation 

CJI: last hearing we mentioned stubble burning is not major issue, city related issues are there. So if you take steps on them, situation will Improve.

Nov 15, 2021

J Kant: Are you agreeing in principle that stubble burning is not the main cause? SG: yes J Kant: so that hue & cry has no scientific or legal basis?

Bench - Are you agreeing that stubble burning is not the main cause. That hue and cry has no scientific basis? 

We are coming to the suggestion.Now you are banning entry of trucks in Delhi. Why no plying of all vehicles in Delhi. 75% of the pollution is due to three factor industry, dust and transport.

Nov 15, 2021

J Kant: on last date CJI pointed out emergency steps are required to be taken. The suggestions you’re pointing are, this can only be a long term plan. How many mechanised road cleaning machines are available in Delhi?

SG: we’re not averse to any drastic measures 

J Kant: tell us what are the drastic measures that can be taken

SG: Three more drastic steps we have thought of are which haven’t been implemented are: First is odd even scheme. 

The. Truck entry ban to delhi, severest would be Lockdown. 

CJI: atleast they’ve closed schools, allowed people to work from home.

Nov 15, 2021

SG lists down suggestions: Ensure closing of stone crushers in Delhi NCR. Badarpur plant we haven’t directed a shut down as its already shut down. Stop use of coal or firewoods in hotels or eateries. Stringently enforce & stop garbage burning.

Nov 15, 2021

Mehta - Some has to be done by Municipal Corporation, State and traffic police. This road dust majorly contributes to the pollution. We have not directed shutting it (Badarpur plant) down because it has already been shut down. Every govt. is doing their best.

Nov 15, 2021 Breaking

The contribution of stubble burning to Delhi's air pollution is 10%, Solicitor General tells Supreme Court.

Nov 15, 2021

Very poor - Stop using diesel, enhance parking fees, increase bus and metro services, This is what we suggested to Delhi Govt. RWA to provide power heaters to stop open burning by them. 

Moderate to poor - Garbage burning on landfills, Stringently control pollution control in thermal power plants

Nov 15, 2021


Severe Plus - Entry of truck into delhi, Stop Odd even, Additional step of closing schools. Even Haryana GOvt has declared Work from home. They have stopped trash burning. 

Severe- Stop Badarpur plant, double parking tickets by 3 times so that anyone travelling for any mandatory reason feel deterred.

Nov 15, 2021

Bench - Mr. Mehta go on 

Mehta - 3 steps . Preventive steps is for children 

Bench - What happened to emergency meeting. We have received the affidavit. 

Mehta - at pg 30. Situation in every state, every city would be different. This is graded suggestions we have prepared. It is gradually showing result.

Nov 15, 2021

Bench - This is your suggestion or Delhi Govt.’s suggestion 

Singh - There should be independent agency to handle farm fire 

Bench - We are in the midst of a situation. Govt of India filed a comprehensive affidavit on 15.11. Let's focus whatis being done by Govt. Strengthen those activities so that we can get something on grounds. Let us see what SC has to say. 

Singh - They have not anything other than making commissions.

Delhi Air Quality Crisis :  Supreme Court is hearing a petition concerning the  Air Pollution in  Delhi On Saturday, the SC had asked the Centre to take emergency measures, & suggested a two-day lockdown. Court had also expressed concerns at the schools opening.

Court Assembled 

Vikash Singh - For this matter. I am for the Petitioner. As far as the stubble burning is concerned iN Punjab cases are not being reported. We have suggested an independent commission.

Bench - We are not concerned with the election. We have nothing to do with this (politics). If you suddenly suggest something what can we do. Mr. Mehta what steps have you taken. 

Singh - Construction should be regulated than banned.


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