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Supreme Court Hearing Mullaperiyar Dam Issue [Live Update]

Supreme Court Hearing Mullaperiyar Dam Issue

Supreme Court is hearing pleas seeking directions for supervision of water levels at Mullaperiyar Dam and termination of lease deed between the States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in relation to Mullaperiyar dam.

ASG Bhati: there was a meeting of the committee, the supervisory committee was seeing the issue on hourly basis. They have said no change is required.

After minutes of meeting were drawn, kerala has dissented, that they were not party of this

Bench: Committee is referring to this court’s decision, what’s that decision.

ASG bhati: The larger issue where court had directed three issues to be examined by the committee. we’d to file status report. Kerala was asking for time. Your Lordships were to see this report on the three issues. Committee

Sr Adv Jaideep Gupta: There were devastating floods in Kerala in 2017, 2018 and again now. Mullaperiyar dam is again cause of flooding

Bench: Where did you get that? There’s heavy rain. It has to be discharged if level increases?

Gupta: TN takes away water from it too. If there’s heavy rain that 142 mark becomes dangerous. So we say it should be maintained at 139 so risk goes down. May i take copy of this from my friend and file a reply to this.

Bench: what we want to propose is, he says it shouldn’t go beyond 139. In meantime we can ask him to file response.

Bench: The water is anyway around 137. He says it shouldn’t be 139. There’s no forecast anyway. We are ready to hear this tomorrow.

Adv G Prakash for Kerala: By tomorrow we can file.

Bench: is it possible to file by tonight?

Prakash: Yes.

Bench: alright then we’ll have it tomorrow.


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