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Supreme Court is hearing the Heera Gold Exim Matter

Supreme Court Heera Gold Exim Matter

Case where investors were allegedly duped of Rs 5,600 crore

Bench of Justice Sanjay Kaul and MM Sundresh to hear

The appeal filed by the State of Telangana and the Serious Fraud Investigative Agency ( SFIO) in the Heera Gold case where the top court had earlier granted interim to the director which has since been extended.  

Counsel for Heera: Charts and allegations fabricated, will show how.

SFIO circular about helpdesk was not there earlier, created later.

Adv: on 27 April this circular was not uploaded. So it was never there, lords may have a look. Only sent to us later.

J Kaul: You've been on the job for many years? It's exasperating that you've held someone for so long but not able to charge, how long can we put in abeyance.

J Kaul: Labs you have are too little, deal with substantial issues nationally, have to improve manpower. Can't keep saying will keep probing, has to be light at the end of the tunnel. We wanted you take help if you can't do job, else do yourself.

J Kaul: You're slowly mapping now.

Counsel: Their cooperation seems to be lip service.

J Kaul: Not compelling anyone, seemed to be Voluntary. We can wash out hands off and say go to SFIO, 4 years have passed? Have not seen light at the end tunnel.


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