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Supreme Court to hear a plea by Jharkhand Olympic Association

Supreme Court Jharkhand Olympic Association

SupremeCourt to hear a plea by Jharkhand Olympic Association regarding the working and constitution of the committee.

Adv: The committee is continuing, that is not disputed.

Bench: Main judgment is reserved, why don't you wait?

Adv: I have serious reservations. The committee is continuing and until the next committee, this is to go on.

Adv: The games are coming and the delegations are coming. What can we do milords?

bench: If sports bodies fight like this in courts, then what will happen to the sports? Everybody is coming here and in courts, badminton, hockey etc. everyone. It is a reflection on your client.

Bench: We will list it after two weeks or so. If the judgment does not come, then you can press it.


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