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SC is hearing Tamil Nadu and Kerala about distribution of water from the Mullaperiyar Dam [LIVE UPDATE]

Tamil Nadu Kerala distribution of water Mullaperiyar Dam

The Supreme Court is hearing Tamil Nadu and Kerala about distribution of water from the Mullaperiyar Dam.

Justice Khanwilkar: we will consider at end of the board

Sr Advocate V Krishnamurthy mentions the Mekedatu dam matter: It is wrongly tagged with this

SC: It is agreed that this matter is unconnected with the Mullaperiyar issue and that is why it stands deleted.

Sr Adv Shyam Divan: Kindly de-tag this

Sr Advocate Mukul Rohatgi: Kindly delink it and list on January 25. Since the linked matter of Cauvery will come up then

SC: Okay Mekedatu issue will be taken up on January 25, 2022

Advocate VK Biju cites the seepage data of the Mullaperiyar Dam: please see the report of the central water commission showing the importance of seepage data.

J Khanwilkar: we have to first decide the core issues first. management of water level will be taken care by expert committee and the seepage issue is also before the expert committee. we have to figure out issues and not reply on rhetoric. this is not adversarial litigation

Justice Khanwilkar: we are not sitting here for the administration of the dam. this is a public interest litigation concerning the health and safety of people residing there. we are on that.

Sr Advocate Mukul Rohatgi: this application needs to be taken up now

Another lawyer: Mr Rohatgi is speaking in some other court

Justice Khanwilkar: Ohh...

Justice AM Khanwilkar: this does not merit our interference

Advocate: Please bear with me

Justice Khanwilkar: we are bearing only otherwise we would have thrown out the petition by now


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