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Yatin Oza Withdrawal of Senior Gown and Contempt Case: Matter listed for order on 28 Oct

Yatin Oza Contempt Case Matter

Justice Kaul: We are trying to work something out. We need some time. Its a difficult task for us, to do something between what High Court is saying & what you are saying. We should have an order ready by next date

Justice Kaul: I think we can find some solution in terms of what Dr Singhvi suggested, partly in terms of that.

Dr Singhvi: We are deeply obliged that would be the best way.

Justice Kaul: Mr Oza is there, I’ve one concern at the back of my mind. This shouldn’t get the better of him again. This is the only concern we have, because so many times it’s happened!

Sr Adv AM Singhvi: i think he has gone through enough. The spirit and thinking process is important in these things.

Justice Kaul: What’s troubled us is. He is a leader of the Bar, as a person who knows his law, how can someone lose his temper again and again. He has to do something with his temper so this doesn’t happen again

Sr Adv AM Singhvi: I’ve told him in a lighter vein, he is now of certain age and should not constantly want to be on a high by constantly increasing his blood pressure.

Bench: List for orders on 28th October at 2 pm.

Adv Nikhil Goel: Will the High Court Be heard?

Bench: We’ve heard all of you. No doubt what he’s done is wrong. We’ve closed the arguments. We’ve penned down something.

Bench: We’ve heard your stand and we’re not adverse to the stand please understand. We’ve understood & noted down your concern.


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