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Three Allahabad High Court Judges Test Positive for COVID-19

Allahabad High Court Covid Judges

Three sitting judges of the Allahabad High Court tested positive for Covid-19 on 4th January. And as per sources, all three of them have isolated themselves in their respective houses. 

Given the rising cases of covid-19 across the state, the Allahabad HC has decided to revert back to the virtual mode for hearing cases from 3rd January 2022, both at its principal bench at Allahabad and its Lucknow bench.

The decision was taken at an emergency meeting of the administrative committee of the HC headed by Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal.

However, the High Court on 3rd decided to shift to the hybrid model from the complete online mode after lawyers expressed their discomfort and protested against the decision of the court to go completely online. 

The Court decided that it will employ a hybrid system of hearing cases in which lawyers will have the option to appear either via video calls or physical mode.


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