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Amid the COVID-19 Lockdown, the Telangana Government Sanctions Rs 25 Crores Aid to Lawyers; Eligible Advocates/ clerks to get Rs 10k & 5k respectively

COVID19 Lockdown Telangana Government
To provide financial assistance to the needy advocates and clerks amid the COVID-19 lockdown, the Telangana government has sanctioned an amount of Rs 25 crores to the Law Department. Further, it has been revealed that an amount of Rs 15 crores has been immediately released for the said initiative. 

In the presence of Advocate General, Chairman, Bar Council of India, Law Secretary, and Registrars of the High Court the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court Raghvendra Singh Chauhan today released the financial assistance for eligible advocates and clerks via e-payment. Under the guidance of the Chief Justice, Telangana Advocates Welfare Trust has constituted guidelines to identify the beneficiaries for the financial aid. 

The above-mentioned committee has resolved to grant Rs 10,000 each to advocate and amount of Rs 5,000 to each advocate clerk eligible for the same. Various conditions have been laid down for the lawyers who can avail this financial aid and the guidelines are as follows:

  1. Active legal experience at the bar;
  2. Ought to have passed All India Bar Examination;
  3. Earning a monthly income of not more than Rs 15,000
  4. Not receiving any monthly payment from advocate office;
  5. Should be working as a junior advocate;
  6. Spouse should not be a government/ private employee
It was also notified by the release that a person who is enrolled as an advocate post-retirement is not eligible for any such financial assistance. In regards to advocate clerks seeking financial aid, the applicant has to submit a certificate of registration as a clerk and must not be earning above Rs 10,000 as monthly income. 

Also, it was added that the applicant receiving such a grant should not be a government/ private employee. The statement also reveals that the Trust has received a total number of 14,166 applications from advocates and also about 1,029 applications from the advocate clerks for financial aid. 


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