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Gujarat HC to Remain Closed from 12th to 15th September as a Precautionary Measure after 12 of Employees Test COVID Positive

GujaratHC COVID Positive
The Honorable Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court has passed an order to close the Court from 12th September 2020 to 15th September 2020. As High Court was planning to function physically from the 14th of September 2020, for precaution all the employees of the High Court were tested on the 9th of September 2020 for COVID-19. It was found that 12 of its employees were tested positive. 

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has a work of cleaning and sanitizing entire premises of the High Court, Judicial Academy, Auditorium, Post Office, etc. and to carry out the work of cleaning and sanitization Municipal Corporation will the take time period of 3 to 4 days. The work will start on the 12th of September 2020. Therefore, the judicial work i.e. virtual and physical will remain suspended from the 12th of September 2020 till the 15th of September 2020. 

The physical functioning of the court with a limitation will restart from the 16th of September 2020 after the work of cleaning and sanitization by Municipal Corporation. 


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