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P&H HC Judge Tests Positive for Covid-19; 2 Others in Isolation

Judge Tests Positive
Our judiciary system is working in a very restrictive manner due to the coronavirus pandemic, but even then, it has hit our judiciary very hard. One of the judges has tested positive for this virus in Punjab And Haryana High Court. After staff and close family members were found to be infected, 2 other judges are also kept in quarantine at present.

In the past three weeks, 31 judicial officers and officials have been tested positive in P&H High Court and other 85 judicial officers and officials have been quarantined. 42 officials of the court have tested positive and some more are quarantined. 

Before all of this, a total of 800 judicial officers, their families, and staff were quarantined in the two states and Chandigarh.

This deadly virus has left no sector alone be it Judiciary or Legislative. It has affected every area, every sector severely, and has made it difficult to run the economy despite taking heavy precautions. 


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