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Justice Arun Mishra's Remarks For Modi Slammed By Bombay Bar Association

Justice Arun Mishra Remarks For Modi

The Bombay Bar Association resolution reportedly passed a majority vote describing Justice Mishra's remarks for the Prime Minister Modi as improper and unnecessary and expressed "dismay" and "condemnation" over it.The resolution was passed on March 05, 2020 condemning the remarks made by Justice Mishra at an international conference held on February 22, 2020 wherein he termed the Prime Minister as an "internationally acclaimed visionary" and a "versatile genius, who thinks globally and acts locally"

"This association deprecates the conduct of a sitting judge of the Supreme Court making such obsequious remarks about the head of the Executive and believes that they are both improper and unnecessary," the resolution said.

The Supreme Court Bar Association and Bombay Bar Association of India also questioned these remarks. 

"This association believes that it is particularly regrettable that such remarks were made at an event such as the international judiciary conference in the presence of senior cabinet ministers, such as the law minister, and former and current judges of the Supreme Court," it added.

"Comments of this nature shock the confidence of the members of the legal profession and the public at large on the independence and integrity of the judiciary," the association said.

Author - Dyuti Pandya 


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