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Justice D Y Chandrachud e-inaugurates secure Wi-Fi project at Madhya Pradesh High Court [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Justice D Y Chandrachud e-inaugurates secure Wi-Fi project at Madhya Pradesh High Court [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Supreme Court Judge Justice D Y Chandrachud on Monday (June 14, 2021) e-inaugurated the secure wi-fi project for the Madhya Pradesh High Court which would provide seamless internet connectivity and facility to all the respective stakeholders (judges, officers, staff, advocates, and visitors).

The secure wi-fi project has been installed at the High Court of Madhya Pradesh in Jabalpur along with its Benches at Indore and Gwalior. 

The project is designed in such a way that if the user gets enrolled or registered at the High Court of Madhya Pradesh (Jabalpur, Indore, or Gwalior Bench), then there is no requirement to re-enter the registration credentials, the system automatically checks the credentials and logged into the system.

Following are the key features of the secure wi-fi project:

  • Customized hot spot service option
  • Roaming framework
  • Secured network onboarding solution that will allow the wi-fi access on only predefined divides for Hon’ble Judges, officers, staff, advocates, and visitors
  • Provision for OTP and sponsor-based authentication
  • Time-bound guest management solution
  • Users can be given secured access to the network with an enterprise-grade security
  • Complete on-cloud solution
  • Bandwidth management through access points
  • Complete network management.

Justice Chandrachud, who is the chairman of the e-committee of the Supreme Court, also e-inaugurated the National Service and tracking of Electronic Process (N-STEP). 

The National Service and tracking of Electronic Process is an application developed by the e-Committee of the Supreme Court of India, which is installed in handled devices for maintaining and tracking electronic processes at District Courts and Tehsil courts.

To provide seamless internet connectivity for smooth implementation of N-STEP at District Courts and Tehsil Court, the Madhya Pradesh High Court has purchased 1111 Motorola smartphones and the distribution of the same has been made to bailiffs/process servers posted at District Courts. 

The admin users have been created at each District Court and the NSTEP app has been installed in smartphones. The necessary training has been given to all respective users of the District Courts for use of the NSTEP application. 

N-STEP App will provide and assist in the following ways:

  • The judicial process will become fast and easy, it will help in speedy hearing and disposal of cases.
  • The time taken in the presentation of processes, their service, and return will be saved, the processes will be served transparently and conveniently in less time due to the easy and quick process
  • With the process of N-STEP, the process of all the courts will be easily and quickly served.

Justice Chandrachud also inaugurated the Integration of CIS software with Land records. The High Court of Madhya Pradesh has completed the Integration of CIS (case Information System) software with Land Revenue Department records. 

The CIS Software is one of the major activities under ease of doing business reform action plan (BRAP) and is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • The system captures the details of pending litigation and discloses the same to the users through various channels and platforms.
  • Seamless flow of information among system which will enable informed decisions for officials and public.
  • Courts will have information on land records.
  • Validation of records presented by the parties can be done online.
  • Decrease in possibilities of multiple suits on the same property. Since every land parcel is a unique value, cases lodged in different courts would be available at few clicks.
  • The number of litigations is likely to get reduced as people will have better information about the property/land they intend to purchase.


According to a press release issued by the Supreme Court, the event saw the presence of Hon’ble Shri Justice Mohammad Rafiq, Chief Justice High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Hon’ble Shri Justice Rohit Arya, Chairman, Computer and e-Court Committee, Members of Computer and e-Court Committee, and other Hon’ble Judges of the High Court.

While addressing the gathering of this event, Justice Chandrachud observed that these three projects have profound importance especially considering the digital divide in India, where technology is not equally accessible to all. 

He complimented the three initiatives of the Madhya Pradesh High Court and stated that it goes a long way in making life easier for lawyers while bringing technology to the doorsteps of citizens. 

“Wi-Fi-enabled court is the most significant symbol that we have come in the age of ICT enabled governance.”, he added.

Further, he also observed that the integration of case information systems with the land records is of utmost significance. 

“The opacity of the land record is the major factor which particularly obstructed the work of district judiciary. This integration will make sure that delay does not defeat the justice,’ he said.

Justice Chandrachud further appreciated the subordinate courts of the state for disposing of 4,84,565 cases during the COVID-19 pandemic, the release said. 




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