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Kerala High Court to function virtually from May 17, E-filing guidelines issued [READ GUIDELINES]

Kerala High Court functioning virtually

Upon resumption to work after summer vacation, the Kerala High Court is all set to operate virtually from May 17,2021.

Last week, the Kerala High Court through a Government Order dated 07.05.2020 notified Electronic Filing Rules For Courts (Kerala), 2021 which are applicable to courts across the state. The Rules directed the Advocates, Parties-in-person, Counsel for State to file cases through an e-filing system. 

In view of the same, the High Court issued guidelines for enabling e-filing on their web portal https://ecourts.kerala.gov.in/. The guidelines provide that the amount towards court fees, legal benefit fund fee, welfare fund stamps are to be paid online using the e-payment option in the portal. 

The guidelines require the advocates to register themselves in the portal of the High Court of Kerala. Upon successful registration, the advocates get access to Online filing, IA filing, Vakalath filing, Counter/ Objection statement filing, and the court display system will also be available to view the current calling details of a court hearing. 


Other important highlights:

  1. Advocates filing through e-filing mode during the lockdown period are required to submit the physical copy of the case with the Registry within 45 days of date of filing. The guidelines also require an undertaking in that regard to be e-filed along with the case.
  2. The guidelines provide that online electronic filing shall be made in the Subordinate Courts or Tribunals by visiting the web portal of the respective courts or as has been assigned by the High Court.
  3. In case a person is unable to access the e-filing portal, the Rules state that he would be entitled to use facilities provided at designated counters upon payment of fees.
  4. The Court may serve summons, notices, and pleadings via the e–filing system.
  5. The e-filing Rules require that a document filed electronically shall contain the signature of the Advocate and the Party-in-person as mandated by relevant Acts and Rules.




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