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Legal Aid Website Launched by Allahabad HC for Middle Income Group

Legal Aid Website Launched by Allahabad HC for Middle Income Group
Allahabad High Court launches a path-breaking legal aid website for middle-aged groups. The website is named by the High Court as “Allahabad High Court Middle Income Group Legal Aid Society”. By the way of this scheme, special arrangements are being made for the middle-class people, Rs. 6,00,00/- and Rs. 12,00,000/- annual income group. The Allahabad High Court has launched this website to provide free legal advice and also to provide ways to get accessible justice easily to people who belong to the middle-income group. 

This main work of this initiation by the HC will be to provide legal aid to the needy, their counseling, legal treatment, and also to represent them in court if required with a nominal fee. Also, the middle-income groups will be able to get benefits in cases of arbitration and settlement centers. The features of this initiation are that legal assistance will be given to the needy at home via e-mail, video call, or social media platform. This helps them in avoiding unnecessary visits to courts and also people elderly people, disabled and people who are unable to travel will be able to take advantage of this. 

This facility will be free of charge and there will be no cost taken for any sort of legal advice and only a fixed nominal fee will have to be paid to represent the case in court. The website has been made available in two languages i.e. Hindi and English. 

The Allahabad High Court launched this under the Supreme Court scheme. Up till now, the Legal Services Authority has provided free advice and assistance in order so that affordable and accessible justice to low-income group people is given 


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