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SCAORA to supply one-time financial aid to advocates on record who are undergoing treatment in hospitals for COVID-19 [Read Circular]

one-time financial aid to advocates SCAORA

SCAORA has decided to grant one-time monetary help to its lawyers who are facing financial difficulties amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The association said that it will be initiating financial assistance only for registered lawyers, who must first submit their income declarations and show that are in great need of financial need. 

It said that the identity of advocates who seek benefit under the scheme will, as far as possible, be kept confidential. 

On April 3, SCBA also decided to lend Rs. 25,000 to its members facing difficulties due to a pandemic. To this effect, SCBA Secretary Ashok Arora announced that launch of the 'SCBA COVID-19 Helpline Scheme'. 

It will provide lawyers with maximum support for Rs. 25,000 as a loan for reimbursement in two years without interest.


[Read Circular]


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